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LatchLock™ MCT Tubes

Storage of samples and works with material during tests are very important.
It is important to avoid losses of material, its evaporation or contamination during the entire experiment process.
The spinning process is equally important for safe conduct of tests and in order to assure test tubes are resistant to the centrifugal force.


In EPRO we focus on each possible aspect of work with samples,

so we also present our portfolio of LatchLock™ micro centrifuge test tubes.


LatchLock™ micro centrifuge test tubes are tight and assure safety of the stored samples.

They are also easy to open and safe and convenient for fingers.


LatchLock™ are test tubes made of the pure medical polymer, assuring its incredible transparency.

The test tubes are autoclavable. The test tubes can also be stored in low temperatures,

increasing the number of their possible applications.
They are equipped in 
two description boxes, allowing you to mark your sample properly.


It is good to have the LatchLock™ test tubes in your laboratory.


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LatchLockTubes™ clear, flat cap, pre-sterile

LatchLockTubes™ clear, flat cap, pre-sterile

ET0.5.L ET0.5.L | 1.5 mL (ET1.5.L), 0.5 mL (ET0.5.L), 2.0 mL (ET2.0.L)
LatchLockTubes™ clear, flat cap, pre-sterile
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1.5 mL (ET1.5.L), 0.5 mL (ET0.5.L), 2.0 mL (ET2.0.L)
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1.5 mL (ET1.5.L), 0.5 mL (ET0.5.L), 2.0 mL (ET2.0.L)
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