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1Step RT PCR Kit

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Opis towaru

highQu 1Step RT PCR Kit combines the 20X RT and RNase Inhibitor mix for efficient reverse transcription
and the 2X PCR Mastermix for subsequent amplification of cDNA in the same tube.

RT2 Mix, 20X is a blend of the engineered MMuLV (stable at 40-55°C allowing for high yields of long transcripts)
with an efficient Ribonuclease Inhibitor protecting the template RNA from RNases.

The resulting cDNA is then amplified by the 1Step RT PCR Mastermix, 2X. The PCR mastermix contains our proprietary Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase. The enzyme activity at room temperature is blocked by small molecular inhibitor. Enzyme becomes active only after heating what allows for highly specific and extremely sensitive amplification, no primer dimer formation and no background. In combination
with the optimized buffer the enzyme provides higher success rates in demanding PCR applications like amplification of complex or longer templates and fast cycling.

Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase has the same PCR accuracy like Taq DNA Polymerase, 4.5 x 104 (nucleotides incorporated before
the error occurs), and produces A-tailed products suitable for ligating into TA cloning vectors.

For the maximum convenience the Kit includes even the PCR Water to set up the reaction, so the only thing you need to take care
of is the high quality RNA template.




One step RT-PCR.

RT-PCR of complex GC/AT rich templates.

Fast RT-PCR.




Includes both RT Mix and RT-PCR Mastermix for RT and PCR in one tube.

RT Mix contains RNase Inhibitor and thermostable RT (up to 55°C).

RT PCR Mastermix allows for low copy number targets detection.


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