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1Step RT qPCR Green ROX H Kit

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200 reakcji po 20 µl (QOD0201)
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200 rxn
1000 reakcji po 20 µl (QOD0205)
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1000 rxn

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Opis towaru

highQu 1Step RT qPCR master mixes in combination with a blend of thermostable

and extremely active Reverse Transcriptase & advanced RNase Inhibitor (RT Mix)

allow for a single step one tube RT qPCR.

qPCR master mixes are based on the small molecular inhibitor technology Hot Start PCR

allowing to achieve highest sensitivity and specificity under both standard

and fast qPCR cycling conditions. They provide excellent results on both AT/GC rich templates

and guaranty rapid extension with early Ct values with minimum or no optimization.

Our master mixes are supplied with PCR Water to guaranty the best performance.

To suit the broad instrument range the 1Step RT qPCR Green Mixes

are available in two versions – with low or high ROX concentration.




Dye-based RT-qPCR.

Relative gene expression analysis.

Quantification of mRNA, total RNA, viral RNA, low copy number genes.




Efficient Reverse transcription and sensitive qPCR in one tube.

Both standard and fast cycling, GC rich templates.

Rapid extension, early Ct.

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