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EZ-10 Spin Columns (100 szt./op.)

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Opis towaru

EZ-10 Spin Columns are packed with silica membranes to rapidly purify nucleic acid using a silica-based extraction method.

The columns can be used to purify single- or double-stranded DNA or RNA from contaminants such as salts, solvents, enzymes or proteins.

Nucleic acids are binded to the silica resins under high chaotropic salt concentrations, salts and impurities are removed during the wash step.

Pure DNA/RNA is eluted from the membrane using water or TE buffer.

This isolation method of DNA/RNA is faster and easier to perform than other organic-based extraction methods.

The EZ-10 Spin Column complete with attached lid and with 2-ml collection tubes, it is really convenient to use.