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Opis towaru

Paramagnetic bead-based post PCR clean-up reagent designed for efficient DNA purification

and consistent DNA fragment size selection for NGS. HighPrep PCR is adaptable to most liquid handling stations

and used for applications such as sequencing, NGS, microarrays, PCR, and enzymatic reactions.




Post-PCR and post-enzymatic reaction clean-up used for/during:

NGS library preparation

DNA size selection for NGS



Restriction enzyme digestions, adapter ligations





Rapid and reliable post-PCR and DNA clean-up reagent

Achieve uniform and consistent DNA fragments

High recovery of amplicons >100bp

Uniform fragments size distribution

Adaptable to high throughput liquid handling workstations


Main functions

Purifies DNA and amplicons for next generation sequencing and other applications.
Selectively binds fragments of 100 bp and larger depending on sample to bead ratio – performs size selection by changing the bead ratio.

Starting material (Sample matrix)

DNA, PCR products, cDNA, gDNA

Starting amount


RNA recovery

>70% recovery

Process method

Manual or automation


Adaptable to most nucleic acid purification instruments but

a ready-made script for Kingfisher Flex is available upon request

Purification method

Magnetic bead-based technology

RNA Purity

DNA eluted is ready for downstream processes such as real time quantitative PCR (qPCR), next generation sequencing (NGS), cloning, restriction digestions, microarrays, etc.

Elution Volume

15 µl or above






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